Saturday, February 20, 2016

Police Brutality

This is week 5 of the blogs. This weeks blog topic is about a hard hitting topic, some people might find this offensive but, refrain from reading if you have a problem. Police brutality is a very sensitive and touchy subject. Recently there has been too many deaths in today's society and people are fearing the police more than feeling safe around them. Some people would prefer to deal with a situation themselves rather than calling the police because they feel as if death is too high of a risk when dealing with the police. Police brutality has always been a thing but recently it seems as if the reports of police brutality is at an all time high. Everything started to get out of hand after the Trayvon Martin case, when George Zimmerman was announced innocent people went crazy. They began to boycott, wreck things, invade homes and much more. Instead of police dealing with the people appropriately they shoot. The police don't only shoot once, they shoot multiple times. If a person is coming at an officer unarmed why must the person be shot? Why can't they be tazed instead? They're unarmed so they can't hurt the officer too badly. Another case of police brutality is the Tony Robinson case, he was nineteen years old at the time he was fatally shot and killed. He was another victim who was unarmed but shot because the officer couldn't defend himself. Tony Robinson was allegedly jumping in front of cars and screaming which is why his friends called for help. Not knowing their friend would be killed in front of them. Another account of police brutality is officers sexually assaulting innocent woman while on duty. Just recently a nineteen year old girl was forced to perform oral on the officer because as the officers said "you have to do what the police tell you to do." Some police officers are letting the uniform over power them, they feel as if they're invincible but they must remember they're human too and everything comes at a cost. Not all officers are innocent and not all officers are bad but, they have made it so our society doesn't trust them.

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  1. This is deep. A lot of officers think that its okay to do those kinds of things but they're wrong. They need to be punished for their wrongful actions