Wednesday, April 20, 2016


This weeks topic is once again a sensitive one, please refrain from reading if you have a problem with it. Bullying is something that everyone has experienced, at least some point  in their lives. Bullying is a sensitive topic for everyone, no one likes to be bullied or hear about someone close to them being bullied. It is a horrible feeling indeed. Bullying can change everything about a person, it can make a person paranoid, insecure, or even anxious. Hearing a bullying story always hurts because you know the person being bullied is affected and damaged inside. Though the bullied might not display their hurt on the outside they are hurting inside, words do hurt, and the words mean how a person actually feels about you. There are many forms of bullying such as verbal bullying, cyber bullying, secretive bullying and many more. Bullying can leave a person mentally and emotionally unstable or even emotionally detached because they feel as if they can not trust anyone. What makes a bully a bully? Is it because someone bullied them so they feel as if they should bully someone else to feel superior? Is it because they have a bad home life? Truthfully I don't know but, what I do know is that bullying is offensive, and hurtful to many and although it can't be stopped, more should be done to prevent it.

Friday, April 1, 2016


Homelessness is known to be an extremely hard hitting depressing topic to talk about. America is a first world country, the land of the free, the land of opportunity but why are there so many people out of jobs and homeless today? When you see a homeless person or hear a story about a homeless person your heart can't help but to feel heavy, no one should have to go through that. Living outside in extreme weather conditions are certainly not health, not only do the homeless live outside in severe weather but they are also constantly harassed by the police. Homelessness and police brutality can go hand to hand considering some police officers beat innocent homeless people for just trying to find a place to sleep. What also impacts homelessness is low employment levels and the lack of a job, if the individual can't find a job how will they make money to pay rent or food. There is an argumentative side to this topic where someone could say the homeless chose this lifestyle but that is not always the case. No one deserves to live a life being scared, hungry, and living on the streets, a goal in my life is to help the homeless to the best of my ability. I personally make food baskets to take the homeless and I also volunteer at a food shelter, seeing a homeless person hurts me and I just want to help the homeless for the better.

Thursday, March 31, 2016


One of the main topics of our world today is inequality. No matter where you go or what you do inequality is a topic that will always come up. Inequality is an extremely controversial topic and sometimes it's just best to stay out of those conversations. Inequality is not only racial but there is also gender inequality, and pay inequality in a sense that men and women do not get the same pay despite having the same position. If you  come around the wrong person and bring up the inequality topic be ready for a lecture. In my personal opinion inequality is unjustifiable because everyone is a human being and they should not be treated differently for being a certain race or gender or having a certain disability. For instance, a woman with more experience in managing a store would be passed up for a man with less experience in this job genre simply because he is a man and there is a ludicrous theory that men can control a business or corporation better than a woman. Men being able to run things better than woman is inaccurate because gender has nothing to do with the respect and leadership you need to manage a company and this is one of the forms of inequality.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Love is Love

Why should love be identified? Why is love classified as someone or something that's required to live or you need to have? In my opinion love is love and it's equal for everyone no one should be afraid to love who they do. Everyone has their own sexuality and their own preference in who they want to be with. The LGBT community usually gets so much hate from everyone for just expressing themselves and loving who they do. Recently same sex marriage has been legalized in all 50 states under President Barack Obama's order, it is a beautiful thing that people can legally be married in the states. I have an uncle on my mother's side of the family that is gay, he and his boyfriend have been together for 15 years and last year the two of got married. I can honestly say I have never seen two people happier in my life, the fact that people are allowed to be that happy because of their loved one, why take that away from them? Love is love, love is equal for everyone, treat everyone with respect and love yourself. Don't change yourself to fit other people's standards, be yourself and love who ever you want.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Gun Control

Hello and welcome to my blog. I thank you for reading my blog another week. So this week's topic is going to be about gun control. Gun control is an extremely sensitive topic for lots of people in the world. Many people have lost loved ones due to gun violence and have no type of involvement in a certain situation. There has been scary and serious situations with guns, like innocent people being shot, or school shootings. Why is anyone allowed to buy a gun without a problem? I feel as if the gun law should be enforced every where, I understand there are lots of people that feel as if guns should be free reign but, not everyone uses the guns for the same purposes. Some people claim to use the guns for "protection" but protection for what purposes? There is the big argument that says " guns don't kill people, people kill people" but the fact still remains that the bullet is the one that pierces and punctures the skin that could wound and potentially kill a person. Having the gun in your hand gives you the power to shoot someone, guns have always been a huge problem and in my personal opinion everyone needs a permit or legal documentation to own a gun. I don't appreciate guns at all because there are so many lives lost due to irresponsible gun violence.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Police Brutality

This is week 5 of the blogs. This weeks blog topic is about a hard hitting topic, some people might find this offensive but, refrain from reading if you have a problem. Police brutality is a very sensitive and touchy subject. Recently there has been too many deaths in today's society and people are fearing the police more than feeling safe around them. Some people would prefer to deal with a situation themselves rather than calling the police because they feel as if death is too high of a risk when dealing with the police. Police brutality has always been a thing but recently it seems as if the reports of police brutality is at an all time high. Everything started to get out of hand after the Trayvon Martin case, when George Zimmerman was announced innocent people went crazy. They began to boycott, wreck things, invade homes and much more. Instead of police dealing with the people appropriately they shoot. The police don't only shoot once, they shoot multiple times. If a person is coming at an officer unarmed why must the person be shot? Why can't they be tazed instead? They're unarmed so they can't hurt the officer too badly. Another case of police brutality is the Tony Robinson case, he was nineteen years old at the time he was fatally shot and killed. He was another victim who was unarmed but shot because the officer couldn't defend himself. Tony Robinson was allegedly jumping in front of cars and screaming which is why his friends called for help. Not knowing their friend would be killed in front of them. Another account of police brutality is officers sexually assaulting innocent woman while on duty. Just recently a nineteen year old girl was forced to perform oral on the officer because as the officers said "you have to do what the police tell you to do." Some police officers are letting the uniform over power them, they feel as if they're invincible but they must remember they're human too and everything comes at a cost. Not all officers are innocent and not all officers are bad but, they have made it so our society doesn't trust them.

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Harsh Reality

This weeks blog has to do with a hard hitting topic involving suicide. If you don't feel comfortable reading about a topic like this please refrain from reading or commenting. February 10th, 2016 there was a suicide committed on the steps of an Ohio Statehouse by a Black Lives Matter activist. The young man that committed suicide name was MarShawn M. McCarrel and he was just twenty three years old. He fatally shot himself on Monday after posting on his facebook that "My demons won today, I'm sorry." The previous night McCarrel and his mother attended a NAACP awards ceremony where he accepted an award. The authorities still have no idea why he killed himself, they say it is likely that he was suffering from a mental illness prior to killing himself. He killed himself in public but, no one was there to witness McCarrel pulling the trigger. His death has over 1,000 shares all over Facebook and still no one has any idea why he killed himself instead of seeking help. His suicide was no accident and sources say "We've been working so hard, and yet the conditions for the people in our community and the people that he loved and cared about are still so hard,” Shack said. “ I have to imagine that that burden weighed a lot on him." So this suicide was probably because the stress was too much. All lives matter and it is very sad that another life was lost. Rest in Peace. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Is It Fair?

Hello readers, this week we are going to go into a bit deeper topic. I apologize for not having a post last week, things happened. So, this week we are going to talk about abortion, whether it should be legal or not. In my personal opinion I feel as if abortion should be legal given certain circumstances. If a person was raped and impregnated they should have the option of keeping the baby or not. What if that baby is a constant reminder of the day that the person was raped? Will that cause the mother to have anxiety attacks? Will it cause the mother to go crazy? Will the mother be able to take care of the child with out hating it? And the answer to these questions are we don't know, we wouldn't know what happened, it all depends of the mother carrying the child. Some rape victim mothers sometimes can't live with the fact that they are carrying their attackers sperm and kill themselves instead of giving birth.  Should a woman be given the option of abortion if she is mentally ill or internally ill? Again in my opinion I believe yes a woman should be given the option because she wouldn't want her child to have the possibility of developing the gene of the illness she has. Though it could be argued that there is a possibility that the child wouldn't be born with the illness as well. What I don't think should be granted abortion rights is if you were irresponsibly and un safely having sex. I understand mistakes happen but if you willingly chose to have sex then you have to live with the responsibility of being a parent . I'm not saying to not have sexual interaction but just be safe and careful before you're a parent too early. So yes, abortion rights should be granted given the circumstances .

Friday, January 22, 2016

Love yourself!

Beauty is all in the eyes of the beholder. Our modern day society has made not only women extremely insecure, but also men. Our society emphasizes skinny beauty rather than women of all shapes and sizes. To be accepted or be considered beautiful in this society you need to have a certain look and be a certain size. The girls in magazines all have similar features, where is the uniqueness in our women today? Young girls are facing insecurities much sooner than they should, why are 8 year old girls wearing makeup instead of running around getting dirty from playing outside? Women that are larger sizes typically are frowned upon or not considered beautiful because society has made people think that thick is not beautiful. Marilyn Monroe was a very iconic lady she was considered beautiful and a sex symbol. Marilyn was not extremely skinny, she was a thick women that had big hips and men loved that back in the days because big hips meant better for child bearing. I'm not sure when times changed to make people think that a specific size or shape was beautiful but, I hope that society goes back to having a time when everyone is accepted as beautiful and no one is judged based off of their appearance. As stated before beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, everyone is considered beautiful in their way. Love yourself and stop worrying about other peoples opinions.