Thursday, March 31, 2016


One of the main topics of our world today is inequality. No matter where you go or what you do inequality is a topic that will always come up. Inequality is an extremely controversial topic and sometimes it's just best to stay out of those conversations. Inequality is not only racial but there is also gender inequality, and pay inequality in a sense that men and women do not get the same pay despite having the same position. If you  come around the wrong person and bring up the inequality topic be ready for a lecture. In my personal opinion inequality is unjustifiable because everyone is a human being and they should not be treated differently for being a certain race or gender or having a certain disability. For instance, a woman with more experience in managing a store would be passed up for a man with less experience in this job genre simply because he is a man and there is a ludicrous theory that men can control a business or corporation better than a woman. Men being able to run things better than woman is inaccurate because gender has nothing to do with the respect and leadership you need to manage a company and this is one of the forms of inequality.

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