Friday, March 11, 2016

Love is Love

Why should love be identified? Why is love classified as someone or something that's required to live or you need to have? In my opinion love is love and it's equal for everyone no one should be afraid to love who they do. Everyone has their own sexuality and their own preference in who they want to be with. The LGBT community usually gets so much hate from everyone for just expressing themselves and loving who they do. Recently same sex marriage has been legalized in all 50 states under President Barack Obama's order, it is a beautiful thing that people can legally be married in the states. I have an uncle on my mother's side of the family that is gay, he and his boyfriend have been together for 15 years and last year the two of got married. I can honestly say I have never seen two people happier in my life, the fact that people are allowed to be that happy because of their loved one, why take that away from them? Love is love, love is equal for everyone, treat everyone with respect and love yourself. Don't change yourself to fit other people's standards, be yourself and love who ever you want.


  1. I feel you. People shouldn't judge who you love. People shouldn't get involved with others people love life, just leave them be

  2. I like the concept of "love is love", I think that on today's society's people expect to find an exact definition of love, but what you said is true! Love is love people should just accept it like a fact and stop trying to get more out of it. Sometimes, if not all the time, love can't be explained is just is. :)

  3. I get this. People shouldnt care who you love if it dosnt affect them. Love is love and why restrict people on it if you dont like it