Wednesday, April 20, 2016


This weeks topic is once again a sensitive one, please refrain from reading if you have a problem with it. Bullying is something that everyone has experienced, at least some point  in their lives. Bullying is a sensitive topic for everyone, no one likes to be bullied or hear about someone close to them being bullied. It is a horrible feeling indeed. Bullying can change everything about a person, it can make a person paranoid, insecure, or even anxious. Hearing a bullying story always hurts because you know the person being bullied is affected and damaged inside. Though the bullied might not display their hurt on the outside they are hurting inside, words do hurt, and the words mean how a person actually feels about you. There are many forms of bullying such as verbal bullying, cyber bullying, secretive bullying and many more. Bullying can leave a person mentally and emotionally unstable or even emotionally detached because they feel as if they can not trust anyone. What makes a bully a bully? Is it because someone bullied them so they feel as if they should bully someone else to feel superior? Is it because they have a bad home life? Truthfully I don't know but, what I do know is that bullying is offensive, and hurtful to many and although it can't be stopped, more should be done to prevent it.


  1. Bullying is every hurtful and can effect people badly. People really should stop doing it

  2. I think bullying helps build character. Instead if crumbling you must rise above pressure.